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Protection Creme for Your Face & Neck..On Sale..

We are still in Mother's Day atmosphere and Father's Day is fast approaching. So I would like to cover a few of my favorite things on the blog. I'd like to write about one product which is good and effective to me. Today I'm going to tell you about
La Praise Sun Protector SPF30++ from Switzerland and distributed by Hai-O Marketing.

I recently had a chance to try it (already 6 months using it), and I love their mild structure and it is not oily. It's so refreshing when applied to your face, and I swear it makes you look better. It definitely relieves stress, it's that amazing good scent; it has a freeing effect. I'm addicted!

This product is supposed to have an anti-aging effect, so if you're crawling up there in years (a-hem!) it's a good product to throw into your beauty routine. I've been using it for about a month and I've received compliments about the appearance of my skin; but most of all I feel beautiful after applying it. More importantly this product does not have a expensive price tag, affordable, it's easy to reason including it in your skin care routine.

SPF protection 30 PA +++ shields skin from harmful darkening effects of UV rays. The addition of rice germ oil and squalane (olive) keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Here are a few suggestions for when to apply:
  • cleanse your face and apply toner
  • apply La Praise Sun Protector SPF30++ around your face & neck
  • put on your make up as usual and taraaaaaa......you are ready for work...
Here you are:

Do contact me for further info on this miracle product.

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